The New Pandemic: Outrage Fatigue

Are you tired?

I have outrage fatigue. No one is listening to 49 percent of us because the rightwing has turned the word “liberal” into an epithet almost as bad as “Nazi.”

In fact, liberals are honest Americans who question the truth behind the headlines. We have become the only voice left for the middle class. No liberal I know berates America or is bent on giving away our social security system, or surrendering to terrorists. And yet that is what the president accuses us of every day on the campaign trail.

I am emotionally spent from wondering, where is the outrage? Where are our American heroes?

I just want it better. I want a middle ground, an open discussion and a change of course. I am tired of looking for an honest politician.

I am tired of whining.

Tired of reading snippets of the horrid truth about the Iraq War. Two billion dollars a week spent on a war we are not winning. Think of what we could do for America with that money. It could be spent on our securing ports and airports, on building schools and highways, repairing bridges and tunnels. It would buy health insurance for every American. It would feed the hungry.

I am so tired of Bush and his gang ignoring evidence and feeding the American public only partial truths. I am tired of photos of our angry president on the front page, tired of his hollow swagger on the public stage, tired of 51 percent of Americans believing what he says.

I am exhausted by the damage he and his cronies have done to America in the eyes of the world. Even our allies are worn out from the the Bush team’s pretense that America is on the right track in our war against terrorism.

Terrorists hated us before 9/11, but they are growing in numbers due to our global policy. I am so tired of opinion that President Bush’s way is God’s way.

I am proud to say that I grew up Christian and I was taught that true Christians do not seek war, nor do they call other Christians who asks questions ugly names. And I was taught that when a neighbor casts a vote in an election that is not the same as mine…well, that is the American way and my neighbors are not my enemy.

I am so tired of fearful politicians who are afraid to stand up for America. I am tired and exhausted that the American media does not present fair reporting. Corporate media has let us down. They do not give us an honest two sided presentation of news. They have all turned their back on logic, good sense, and fair mindedness.
Like many other Americans, I fear we will be attacked again by terrorists. But I know that we are not going in the right direction to prevent such attacks. I am so tired that I have turned my back on news programs. I am tired of the nightmares. I will just wait hoping that America can celebrate another birthday without tragedy. If they do strike, I will just do what I can. I pray for the American spirit to survive.

However, I am never too tired to vote. I will have the strength to vote against lies and half truths.

I am so tired, yet the terrorists are only becoming stronger. They have the courage to call our President the Devil while the audience claps. Then, our enemies argue over whether of not that was an insult to the Devil. I am exhausted from it all.

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