September 29, 2008 The Goddess Wars Cont’d

I just learned the Bail-Out Package Failed. It seems that the “Great Country Club Goddess” Nancy Pelosi from San Francisco accidentally insulted the flat-world New Cons, who think Sarah Palin is a “the” choice for the “Second Most Important Position in the World.”

I know them. Or at least I have seen them on television. These are the voters who think that if a woman can shoot straight, she can go hunting with them; after all, she is good looking. It is okay to have her manicured, powder-stained finger on the Great Button.

What with moose, emails, cancelled and no so cancelled campaigns, bank failures, global economy, war, famine, exchangeable female parts, and oil addiction, reality is teetering.

The Flat World New-Cons have had their feelings hurt. So they took their bats and balls out of what they seem to think is a game, and went home. Certainly, Old Gray Man McCain thinks the current situation is a game of bluff.

So meanwhile, they posture, brush their feathers, and squawk.

I watched the stock market drop like a rock and wonder what is about to explode, but wait, maybe they will consider….what, resigning? Is it time to vote the bums out?

Hold your breath?

It’s the Old Neo-Cons vs. the breakaway New-Cons. That is the battlefield. They have lost and they are taking us with them. I do not want them to give us the world they created against our will. We never wanted a thing to do with them. We were polite when we lost two elections. We voted against war, but we supported the soldiers.

And, now, here we are sitting with the Neo-Cons and the New-Cons at the end of the road they took us down. We are sitting in first row facing the events created by our political leaders and the majority of the voters counted.

Have we all collectively lost our minds: citizens, politicians, and religious leaders? Certainly, I have. I have lost total equilibrium because the world stage is caught in chaos.

Yet, this emergency situation will be suffered through by all of us, individually.

No one walked away with the Door Prize, today, no one political party, or politician won the door prize, Golden Apple, AKA, the Bail-Out Package and most recently the Rescue Plan, but make no mistake, the prize is tawdry at best.

I just heard that Old Gray Man and his Beautiful Wife enjoyed a dinner date with Senator Joe Lieberman and his Proper wife this past Saturday night at a very expensive restaurant. Did they discuss the prospect of a last-minute VP run?

And, I am wondering…where, where….are our leaders?

I don’t think Old Gray Man was seen since dinner to comment on the Golden Apple. Maybe he ate and drank too much. There is such a thing as gout, which seems to be going around these days. And there was the discussion concerning the Neo-Cons and the New Cons division in the ranks. Now, he emerged from the cave to make angry pleas for consolation. Thanks, Old Gray Man.

The followers of George II insisted on four horsemen to accompany them in the past eight years: War, Deregulations, Oil Addiction, and Greed. The entire party of George’s regime voted in favor of all that is in discussion today. They did this without allowing us to see all the details behind their supposed sound decisions.

Note: I know many fiscally sound and socially conscious Republicans who will not vote with their party in the 2008 election. The choice of Sarah Palin as a Vice Presidential candidate was just too much.

The Flat World New-Cons and the Old Neo-Cons, the Republicans still standing must help fix our world.

We tried to listen to why they made their previous choices, but they didn’t share the details. Most of their major acts were not to be seen by others. Stealth is their mantra. They made the mistakes of the past eight years and they are trying to walk away from their mess.

We stand today exactly as they placed us. We have let ourselves be divided into warring groups of voters. If not for the Neo-Cons, and the New-Cons we would not be watching the stock market today.

The Democrats have also accomplished little to stem the flow since before the last months of Clinton’s era. Still Obama is holding fast as a voice of reason.

If we keep looking backwards, we will hit a wall to discover a world we do not know, nor remember.

Me and you, together tomorrow, it is not a time to run for cover. We must stand and hold the space for common ground. Individually, we must hold fast.

We cannot run from an empty gas pump. We will stand and let our leaders catch up with us. We will need food and medical care. Americans do not know panic or whining, we have proven we can handle hard times.

Our political leaders must become our equal to solve the situation, not walk away from it. Today, there are no winners.

I believe tomorrow will find a solution. I believe. My world is as steady as we can hold it. We must look to each other for a solution, not differences.

I am Furious.

Yet, I feel so wedged into one spot. I am not allowed to embrace but one choice because our Politicians have so narrowed our selections that it looks as if…like Congress and our elected officials, we have lost our way. We gave away too much to so few and did not as questions or demand accountability.

Now is the time to set aside political rudeness for the good of everyone. Surely, we can melt the Door Prize into equal shares? Who is going to step forward to speak the truth?

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