Calls to my Sister

My sister called today to discuss my forth-coming spinal surgery. I prefer not to speak of my surgery, at least, not often and then in hushed tones. Each time I speak of the surgeons operating on my back through my stomach. Well, I have to be there when it happens.

We moved on to the subject of the serial killer who terrorized the small town of Gaffney, South Carolina, and had been shot as a robber somewhere else. My nephew and ex-housemate…her son, Jay, lives in Gaffney, South Carolina.

“Have they caught the right man in Gaffney, South Carolina. What does Jay say about all that went there on last week?”

“Well, he didn’t go out much while the murdurer was on-the-loose. He matched the man’s description. they were looking for someone who was six feet six inches. Jay is. He had a bald head. Jay has a bald head. The killer weighed about the same. Jay stayed inside except for working hours.”

“Really,” I asked.

“Yeah, they were armed from house-to-house. When the Gaffney police told everyone to arm themselves, you couldn’t buy a bullet in the town.”

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