October 2008 ARCHIVE
The Goddess Wars…Shapeshifting

“Sometimes, I don’t think you have the sense God gave a goat.”

That’s what Cousin Phyllis used to say to me. Then she would stare at me as if I was something swimming around in a dish.

Even though Cousin passed a long time ago, I heard her ask that question today. It was while I was watching the television show, “The View.”

Let’s get this stated upfront: bless her heart, Elizabeth Hasselbeck is a loving mother, wife, and probably a great friend to many. She dresses nicely, her hair is lovely, and her smile is just grand. But, sometimes she says stuff that causes me to stare at her as if….

Elizabeth has been very carried away with herself since she attended the recent Republican Convention. She is star-stuck on Sarah.

Today, Barbara Walters asked Elizabeth why she supported Sarah Palin for Vice President. direct question with a question.

As Elizabeth answered, Cousin whispered in my ear, “Do you think she has the sense God gave a goat?”

I’m curious as to who coaches Elizabeth Hasselbeck? It must be her husband, Elizabeth has used football terms when explaining herself. Her political leanings are based on a strange mystical secret formula that only some understand. She sounds like she is giving a reading of the Tarot cards.

Now, she considers herself a standard bearer for Palin, the Northern-Hunter Virgin-Mother Goddess. This morning Barbara Walters asked her a simple direct question.

“Why do you think Sarah Palin is qualified to become Vice-President of the United States?”

“Why do you think Obama is a good candidate?” Elizabeth answered.

Shapeshifting. That is what Elizabeth and all the Neo-Cons do. When they cannot answer a simple question, they shift into the defensive position. They throw the ball to another subject trying to make the questioner defend their position.

Wonder what shape Sarah Palin takes tonight. How many times will Palin throw the ball outside the field and charge in another direction?

How glib will Hunter-Goddess Palin be tonight? Will she use the terms, “pit-bull soccer moms,” and “six pack Americans?” I am a six-pack type of American. I grew up in Shuffletown. I even worked briefly for a Charlotte soccer team and the now-forgotten, World Football League. I need her to step up and go beyond sound bites and cynism when she answers the questions.

It is a shame that Elizabeth Hasselbeck did not join Sarah Palin at the Motel Six when she was being briefed by experts. But, it seems, that Elizabeth is a natural shapeshifter. I am pretty-positive that Sarah Palin is a master shapeshifter.