October 2013 ARCHIVE
The Man from Belmont

I am a political junkie. It has caused me stress and disgust. So, now I meditate before i turn the TV news on and I never check the news during the day. life is better. However, I do keep one television on MSNBC…just in case of an addiction attack. I was passing through the living room yesterday and Al Sharpton was on television. I just cannot take Al Sharpton as a commentator knowing his past. But he has a nice intelligent newsman who works with him.

Yesterday, this reporter was reporting from Belmont, N.C. I turned to look to see who the white bigoted southerner spitting out stupidity was. This man runs a consignment shop in Belmont said that he knew for certain that Obama had entertained 1000 Muslims on the east lawn of the White House. There is no east lawn on White House grounds.

I was mortified at the way this man spoke of our president as being a traitor, a Muslim, and his favorite: born in Kenya. Any human being who listens to news other than Fox and has an IQ above 60 knows these are lies.
The white middle class and others are threatened because he never evolved beyond the separation of black and white races. Blacks have to be dumber and worse off than they are…this keeps his world safe and the uppity blacks in their place. I actually heard a friend from the south refer to Michelle Obama as uppity. I wanted to ask them if they meant to say that out loud, but it was not worth it. I cannot change another’s mind, no one can.

This Man from Belmont is not Godly. I would bet he is at his all white church every time the door opens, yet his words and actions surely embarrass Jesus and real Christians.

The odd thing is…I was home for Christmas last year and I bought a beautiful Christmas wreath from the Man of Belmont.. I remembered him because he was so friendly and he was the man on television. He was completely different then…I was white, my daughter was white and we were celebrating Christmas. he was very hospitable to my kind, but after seeing how really mean and bigoted he is…..I will not support his store and he and his clientele won’t even notice.
But I will know.

What has scared white southerners into this rabid frenzy of hate? They are led like sheep by clever fools. I fear for the south because the old white men’s club is threatened by a black president. Afterall, they fought the Civil War to keep slaves.

Here’s to the many southerners I know who are not of this ilk. I would bet that they are many. It is always the loud and the few who cause the problem. Mr. Belmont, that was truly embarrassing. I am sorry you will never understand what I am saying.

Propaganda and its Results

This is the third day of our government shutdown. We are waiting for the ingrates, the privileged wing of the Republican Tea Bagger Party to quit throwing temper tantrums. Instead the Republican Nut-bars have tried to put the blame on everyone, even tried to “Put the blame on Mame. Their audacity is second to none. These Dementers spray manure on everything that is not like “them.”

Every day the news is the same or worse. It consumes our media, warning of all that could happen if the Tea Baggers get their way. It consumes their lives and every waking moment – just hope it doesn’t soon devour life as we know it.

It feels like the TBs are demanding we follow them back into the dark ages of religion fundamentalism. They demand we adhere to the St. James Bible, the same bible Jesus carried during his ministry in Jerusalem. Women are evil and according to Hobby House the Jews killed Christ. This new Christian fundamentalism demands that we learn to hate others who are unlike them.

Part of this nation has been brain-washed by Fox Fantasy News and The TBs. Since the first days of George W. Bush’s tenure as president, this pseudo news station and the TBs led by Karl Rove have spread fear, lies, and hatred against President Obama and anyone who supports him.

Fox viewers are hampered by horse blinders… narrow vision. Many are old white people who see a threat lurking in every shadow in this, our changing world. I wouldn’t be surprised if the TBs and Fox News were flashing subliminal messages on television screens to keep their fans and constituents cleaving their guns to their chests. Karl Rove and FFN have practiced brainwashing on a level that the Manchurian Candidate and the Communist Party would respect.

Now, the TB Party has America in its grips. And as each day goes by, they are squeezing the life out of America.

The United States of America is being held captive by Republican hypocrites…it feels like the House of Representatives is pregnant with the Devil’s child – and we’re being held hostage in the hospital – to witness the birth.

Apologies to Jon, I stole his line. He knows which one. Thank you to the book, “Harry Potter,” for creating the Dementers. J-

Dullards and Oafs harassing Hooter’s

A Senator and a hate-monger walk in to Hooters. I do not know if the article about Ted Cruz having his government credit card refused after lunch at Hooter’s is true. But…this is one of those stories you sincerely hope is true. For this one story shows the truth behind the illusion that is Ted Cruz and it is not pretty.

According to the article, the two dark Dementers had finished an interview in West Palm Beach and decided to dine at Hooter’s Restaurant. Decisions are more interesting when made while staring at a pair of 38-sized boobs. Didn’t you know that?

While they were seated guests, Ted Cruz spoke loudly so that one and all could Sen. Ted Cruz, a cowboy yahoo from TexaCanda, tell how he had single-handedly shut down the Government of the United States. After two pitchers of beer and sandwiches, Cruz put forth his government credit card to pay for lunch. It was refused by management.

Duh, when you tell a crowd that you just shut down your company…well, why would it be a surprise when your company’s credit card is refused?

It was not surprising that Sen. Ted Cruz then lost his temper and screamed at in a squeaky voice at his waitress and the owner. That is what Ted Cruz does. Like the spoiled brat in the sand box. When he doesn’t have his way, he throws sand on everyone. The Senator was so enraged he was besieged by a case of the hiccups. A Fox employee paid the $53 tab and they left without tipping the waitress.

So, I do not know if the website is satire or truth. Either way, it is a wonderful description of the new McCarthy in Washington, DC. I love this article and I have my fingers crossed, hoping the event happened. Reading it made me laugh loudly.

Join me in a chorus of laughter and knee-slapping in the hopes that this oafish; ego-driven, weasel by the name of Sen. Ted Cruz has gotten his comeuppense from the rank and file.

Let’s all mail a thank you and a belated tip to our brave citizen-waitress at Hooter’s… God Bless America!

Source: http://thelapine.ca/ted-cruz-erupts-in-hooters-after-expense-account-master-card-refused/

Were you invited to the Party of Doom?

Were you invited to the Party of Doom?

With just hours to go until a government shutdown, Congressmen couldn’t seem to agree on much except the fact that drinks were in order.
Reporters tweeted Monday night that they could smell booze on the lawmakers working to strike a last-minute spending deal on Capitol Hill:

Is this what we deserve? While American citizens were waiting for word on the inevitable announcement that the crazies in the Republican Tea Bagger Party had shut down our government, congress was slurping down cocktails.

From experience and observation, I know that within hours you can go from feeling invincible to rack and ruin. Once I was sitting in the intake room of a mental hospital around three in the morning. I was already inside when I heard the front doors swing open and a man and wife entered arguing. She was fed up and this time, he was going to get help. There were whispers as she filled out the forms. Having successfully admitted her husband, his wife stormed out the doors.

They escorted him into the intake room, he sat down beside me and proceeded to tell dreadful jokes. He was at the “let’s laugh at it all,” comedic stage. He tap danced a little and sat down across from me and whispered, “Do I know you?”

I did not know his name, but he worked in the same career field as mine and I had seen him.

“No, I am from Poland,” I answered.

The room was silent as we waited for someone to come for us. During this time, the man began to sober up. A night of bad decisions landed us together in a locked mauve-colored room, but it had taken months and years to work up to the big explosion, the highly regrettable event.

Like the Republicans Tea Baggers, that night we were the result of misunderstanding, resentment, and stupidity and drink. However, the current Tea Bagger Hissy-Fit will harm all citizens and the world was drawn up by elected officials who were drunk with power and liquor.

The elected representatives all claim to be religious and every time they are caught in a dalliance, well, you know the answer. They post it on billboards; spew forth on the internet and in prime time interviews collectively sigh that “God has forgiven them.” Who can argue with that?

But drinking on the job is a slap in the face of every American. The Republican Tea Baggers are like a bunch of drunk, mean cowboys riding into a town to rob the bank and burn down the buildings. They used to end of in jail, but today they are highly paid, praised and revered by the influence peddlers.

Let them have their party and set loose more chaos into the world. As the lady from Poland and the husband already know, that when the morning comes there will be unpleasant conversations and apologies. And like mornings, there is the next election.