August 2010 ARCHIVE
How to scare white people…

I read this on today and thought the author, Elon James White wrote a humorous and correct essay. I believe that the word, socialism is a substitute word for prejudice. If you went to public schools, you participated in a socialistic program. Obama is not socialism…He has accomplished a lot since the dark days of Bush II. Americans can own all the guns they want, thanks to Obama. They can also carry guns into Starbucks and church. There is no reason for the National Rifle Association to be unhappy. Do you have your uzi, yet? Also, I see no reason a minimum wage worker should pay the same amount of taxes as rich people and corporations. I agree with White…there is evil afoot in this nation.

Here is a sample of what Elon James White wrote. Enjoy.

Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and the other right-wing fear-mongers know what subject riles up the masses: Race.

When asked, “Where do you fall along the political spectrum,” I often answer, “I consider myself ‘anti-evil.'” When I see malicious attempts at hurting people I will often side with not hurting people. It’s weird, I know. I think stopping insurance companies from bankrupting families and denying healthcare is a good idea. I think maybe we shouldn’t racially profile Hispanics in order to deal with our immigration issue. Apparently this makes me a crazy socialist Nazi to some, but to me, I’m on the side of Right and Goodness.

I will continue fighting for what seems like obvious ways of helping: squashing stereotypes, speaking up against injustice, and, on occasion (read: all the time), irreverent mocking. If this was all playing out like some big-budget blockbuster movie my superpower would be sarcasm sprinkled with awesome snark. That’s how I cut down the forces that would rather marginalize my experiences and label me “caught up in race.” I will throw on my superhero hat, tilt it to the side, and happily tell someone to go fuck themselves for the betterment of society.

Making fun of evil is a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it, right?

How seriously can a person take the Tea Party? Their members have called me a Nazi Brownshirt because I am a liberal. Sharon Angle wants to rescind my social security and yours too. Boehner wants a forty-five, fifty, sixty-year olds to work until they are 70, while he plays golf and stays tanned. In truth Social Security is not in trouble. Especially if the US Government would repay all the loans they have taken out of Social Security finances. Another Republican wants to change the 14th amendment.

Both political parties are selling out to rich Corporations and their demanding rich shareholders. Fox News which obviously is short on researchers spreads lies across the world like a super-virus along with bloggers who have no conscience or merits. The Tea Party has become a spreading plague. It is time to fight evil and I commend Mr. White’s for his efforts. We need to stop being fearful and look at the truths.

Listen up, Tea Baggers, you are falling for a giant propaganda movement and you could turn out looking like a follower of the once powerful Senator McCaurthy. Rush, Newt, and other Repubs are the children of Lee Atwater. These people cannot play nice.