Goddess Wars – September 30, 2008

The Old Gray Man and the Hunter-Goddess have sufficiently alarmed me. When I think of McCain, the image of an angry Old Gray Man comes to mind. Sarah Palin is his Northern Hunter Goddess. She can see Russia.

I have a suggestion.

Until this nonsense has passed, women should just stop sleeping with men. This act that would give us all breathing space and could bring us to our senses.

If you cannot fill up with gas today, remember this when you go to bed tonight. If Momma is unhappy; everyone is unhappy.

This was tried in Athens once and it didn’t work badly. During a time of war and chaos, the Athenian women fed up with the way men were running the world refused to have sex with their husbands and lovers until they fixed it. The Play based on their actions. The play was “Lysistrata” by Aristophanes.

I am sure there are other eras in which women took matters in their own hands. Remember Rosie wearing a red bandana at work during the war? Ma Kettle?

When was the last time you spied an Iroquois?

Back in the American pioneer days when settlers were trekking down the Great Wagon Trail, the Iroquois Nation of Tribes fought the Catawba Indian Tribe and pioneers over the trapping and tracking of the beaver. When the beaver population dwindled; the war was over. No beaver. No war.

This could be just another loose translation of the era?

Action is needed. The world has tilted.

John McCain called a halt to the political campaign, took time to buy drinks for the thirsty New-Con Republicans, Senator Joe, and Newt Gingrich, last week. McCain did not close his campaign doors or do anything to help the crisis situation, but the Gray Old Man sent America an invoice for the Door Prize on Monday, September 29, 2008. Wasn’t this supposed act of skill in reality an effort to cinch the 2008 election? If so, he certainly succeeded in bring forth total confusion.

I have tried, but I cannot erase from my mind the image of Sarah Palin being anointed against witchcraft by three strange ministers during her days as an elected official? Does this image tell me who she really is? One of those ministers has a reputation for fighting witches. Isn’t a witch always a woman?

This political season has been the dingiest political season I have ever experienced.

“What harm could Hunter-Goddess Palin do to the world?”

Let’s consider: we know Governor Sarah Palin believes that women who have been raped should have to pay the State of Alaska for the cost of hospital supplies, tests, and the official rape kit. On the broader scale, does this mean that we should pay for finger-prints when a burglar breaks into our home? Should women pay for being raped?

One of George II bills recently floated through Congress during September 2008 stated that medical workers did not have to perform any duties they did not approve of because of their religious beliefs. Does that include mastectomies, the tying of female tubes, hysterectomies, vasectomies, and Viagra?

What if our daughters return to a world where they are never allowed to use birth control pills? This what the bill says to me. I remember rumors I heard in high school about why girls suddenly disappeared from their school days. In Charlotte, NC, they were sent to a group home situated behind thick cedars planted to guard the identity of fallen mothers.

Who is masterminding McCain’s campaign? I am suspicious of every word he mutters. OGM can’t seem to get his balance? Does he need a ‘walker”, something to lean on as he talks? What are they telling him? The people who seem to own the Senator from Arizona.

Hillary Rodham is beginning to look like an awkward, but wise, step-sister. At times, I remember her as a rugged Venus who fought well. Her husband is still fighting her battles badly. She should have considered not sleeping with Bill, a long time ago. Maybe, she did?

I figure Sarah Palin has been locked up in an Anchorage Motel Six for the majority of her campaign being prepped for the VP debate. The Republicans brought in statesmen, advisers, teachers, professors, and debate masterminds to school her in all subjects. Is she teaching them to shoot moose?

During the recent CBS interview with Katie, Palin reminded me of the Oracle of Delphi who sniffed fumes when she spoke.

I hope when the shadows in the wind are revealed, that we are still standing. Who will you sleep with tonight?

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