Sunday Morning…

I have just returned from walking the dogs and now I sit before the computer in an aching slump. My hair is dirty. Ball caps are a wonderful invention. My clothes are the same as yesterday. I hurt from my shoulders to my butt with an awful sawing pain.
Yesterday, I walked a little farther than is my habit. All day, we focused on strengthening my upper torso…today my upper torso aches like it is bound by tight ropes. Still, I walked the dogs as far as yesterday.
Lee is sleeping late because he is exhausted. I sleep late on Saturday and he sleeps late Sunday. He has a half hour to sleep before I turn on the shower and that will wake him. Between me and the economy, he has suffered constant emotional strain. I believe all Americans feel worse today than they did before the great fall of 2009 and the final term of George W. Bush.
I mean, how good can I feel? The first headline I read today announced that North Korea warns of nuke war and half of Israeli citizens want to bomb Iran. There is a lot of aching going round. America is exhausted. The world is suffering and everybody is aching for a fight. In the scheme of things, I just think I will go take a shower and get out in the sunshine.

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