The Importance of Being Earnest, not Mark

Governor Sanford’s spiritual adviser, Warren “Cubby” Culbertson, was quoted on Monday, June 29, 2009 by the Charlotte Observer as saying, “Governor Sanford was gripped by the power of darkness.”

In an interview with The Associated Press this weekend at his Columbia office, just blocks from the State House, Culbertson said he believed his friend when he said that this was his only marital transgression. He thinks Sanford was simply caught off guard by “the power of darkness.”

There is no arguing with that. Sanford has been gripped by the power of darkness where he found it…in an email, in an embrace, in an Argentina hotel room…where he cried for himself and his mistress, not his wife and sons.

I am only paraphrasing here, but in his press conference, I believe I recall him saying, and acting in this way. I recall, Sanford saying, “I was crying in Argentina,” and he looked to where his spiritual advisors stood, then, he continued speaking, “so I could come back here and say, “I was crying in Argentina.”

Mark Sanford looked at these people seeking forgiveness. He was most upset because he let his spiritual advisors down and he was acknowledging it to the political power brokers, not the State of South Carolina.

Did I hear correctly? Did I quote him correctly? If so, this sums up the whole messy sordid affair of Sanford’s heart and loyalty.

Mark Sanford had not received permission from his wife to see his mistress, so he ran off to Argentina to cry in her arms. How is this for a scenario in measuring a man’s character? He left everybody behind to cry in Argentina?

If savages attack, I do not want this man or any other man with Sanford’s ethics commanding the fort. He has shone me his character. He made his choices while under duress and chose the dark path, as his spiritual advisor, “Cubby” Culbertson has said.

It is always a choice. Mark Sanford is not a victim, he made his choice; with a credit card belonging to someone he purchased the ticket to Argentina and departed, rather than, staying behind to right his universe by taking care of care of business and family. He left behind his wife, his sons, his home, the state, and the country; he flew from the United States of America, to a hotel in Argentina.

Mark Sanford is not the man my father was nor does he have the good character of many Americans I know today. Those few left standing and my dear father, those who still value their good name and guard against taking the dark roads deserve a better man. Or am I recalling a time in America “when things were built just so and a handshake was as good as a contract.”

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