Dullards and Oafs harassing Hooter’s

A Senator and a hate-monger walk in to Hooters. I do not know if the article about Ted Cruz having his government credit card refused after lunch at Hooter’s is true. But…this is one of those stories you sincerely hope is true. For this one story shows the truth behind the illusion that is Ted Cruz and it is not pretty.

According to the article, the two dark Dementers had finished an interview in West Palm Beach and decided to dine at Hooter’s Restaurant. Decisions are more interesting when made while staring at a pair of 38-sized boobs. Didn’t you know that?

While they were seated guests, Ted Cruz spoke loudly so that one and all could Sen. Ted Cruz, a cowboy yahoo from TexaCanda, tell how he had single-handedly shut down the Government of the United States. After two pitchers of beer and sandwiches, Cruz put forth his government credit card to pay for lunch. It was refused by management.

Duh, when you tell a crowd that you just shut down your company…well, why would it be a surprise when your company’s credit card is refused?

It was not surprising that Sen. Ted Cruz then lost his temper and screamed at in a squeaky voice at his waitress and the owner. That is what Ted Cruz does. Like the spoiled brat in the sand box. When he doesn’t have his way, he throws sand on everyone. The Senator was so enraged he was besieged by a case of the hiccups. A Fox employee paid the $53 tab and they left without tipping the waitress.

So, I do not know if the website is satire or truth. Either way, it is a wonderful description of the new McCarthy in Washington, DC. I love this article and I have my fingers crossed, hoping the event happened. Reading it made me laugh loudly.

Join me in a chorus of laughter and knee-slapping in the hopes that this oafish; ego-driven, weasel by the name of Sen. Ted Cruz has gotten his comeuppense from the rank and file.

Let’s all mail a thank you and a belated tip to our brave citizen-waitress at Hooter’s… God Bless America!


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