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Dullards and Oafs harassing Hooter’s

A Senator and a hate-monger walk in to Hooters. I do not know if the article about Ted Cruz having his government credit card refused after lunch at Hooter’s is true. But…this is one of those stories you sincerely hope is true. For this one story shows the truth behind the illusion that is Ted Cruz and it is not pretty.

According to the article, the two dark Dementers had finished an interview in West Palm Beach and decided to dine at Hooter’s Restaurant. Decisions are more interesting when made while staring at a pair of 38-sized boobs. Didn’t you know that?

While they were seated guests, Ted Cruz spoke loudly so that one and all could Sen. Ted Cruz, a cowboy yahoo from TexaCanda, tell how he had single-handedly shut down the Government of the United States. After two pitchers of beer and sandwiches, Cruz put forth his government credit card to pay for lunch. It was refused by management.

Duh, when you tell a crowd that you just shut down your company…well, why would it be a surprise when your company’s credit card is refused?

It was not surprising that Sen. Ted Cruz then lost his temper and screamed at in a squeaky voice at his waitress and the owner. That is what Ted Cruz does. Like the spoiled brat in the sand box. When he doesn’t have his way, he throws sand on everyone. The Senator was so enraged he was besieged by a case of the hiccups. A Fox employee paid the $53 tab and they left without tipping the waitress.

So, I do not know if the website is satire or truth. Either way, it is a wonderful description of the new McCarthy in Washington, DC. I love this article and I have my fingers crossed, hoping the event happened. Reading it made me laugh loudly.

Join me in a chorus of laughter and knee-slapping in the hopes that this oafish; ego-driven, weasel by the name of Sen. Ted Cruz has gotten his comeuppense from the rank and file.

Let’s all mail a thank you and a belated tip to our brave citizen-waitress at Hooter’s… God Bless America!


North Carolina skids into the Dark Ages
Monument commemorating the Battle of Kings Mountain

Monument commemorating the Battle of Kings Mountain

There is a North Carolina warning sign for drivers approaching icy or treacherous roads. The sign consists of skid marks and the back of a car out of control. Thanks to our 74th Governor, Patrick McCrory, North Carolina is skidding backwards along treacherous roads into the Dark Ages. It will be a great backwards skid through the centuries.

You’ve heard of the Dark Ages when the black plague wiped out half of the world’s population, women and men were burned as witches in order for the greedy to steal their property. Thousands of libraries were burned to the ground. Rivers were polluted and everyone worked as soon as they could walk. Homeless families walked the land and lived in the streets begging.

However, the pious, and the royals thrived during the Dark Ages. There was no government assistance. The sick and dying were cared for by families or left on the streets to die. Cholera and diphtheria claimed victims each day of the week. Other than the burden of taxes, the only requirement of the peasant was absolute devotion to the Catholic Church.

If you ask history teachers they will say that the fall of Rome caused civilization to retreat into the Dark Ages. Rome fell because of social decline, runaway inflation, crime, and a discouraged middle class taxed into poverty trying to support the wealthy. But, I give credit for the Dark Ages to the Catholic Church, also. Instead, of leading civilization forward, the church embarked upon a total religious dictatorship.

Pope Gregory the Great declared that all secular education was folly and evil. The Pope went so far as to decree that laymen were not allowed to even read the Bible, unless a Bishop or Priest was present. The pious Catholic Church decided that knowledge was truly evil. Millions and millions of books were burned by priests and their rabid followers. Teachers, philosophers, and the pagan priestesses known as the Alma Maters were killed or escaped to the Arabian countries. Ignorance kept the people subjugated to the teachings of the church.*

Author Bertram Russell wrote that St. Jerome was more concerned with the preservation of virginity than victory over the Huns, Vandals and Goths. “Never once did St. Jerome turn his thoughts to any possible measure of practical statesmanship; never once does he point out the evils of the fiscal system or of an alliance on an army of barbarians. The same is true of Ambrose and Augustine, no wonder the empire fell into ruin.” *

The church crippled Europe by encouraging superstition, ignorance, and spoke only of the God’s wrath. The ignorant citizens believed that if you buried a crab; it would become a scorpion. Ducks had it pretty hard also…it was believed that if you buried a duck. It would become a nest of frogs.

Darkness descended across Europe. An esteemed 20th century scholar, Gilbert Murray, referred to the Dark Ages as a time caused by the “failure of nerves.”* An understatement, if I have ever heard one.

Which brings me back to the skid marks warning that our state is sliding on treacherous roads. As in the Dark Ages, the war on women continues in North Carolina and many other states battle to regulate women’s bodies and health rights. In committees of men, they dispense laws to force women to succumb to invasive, guilt riddled examinations and in the case of rape…it is always the female’s fault. Women are still considered basically evil…unless controlled.

Our tradition of public and higher education is being slaughtered. Our honored University system is being destroyed by limiting their budgets. Teacher’s pay has been reduced to the poverty level. Tea Bag Governor Pat McCrory has reduced teacher’s pay while lowering the standards for teacher certification. He says he is teaching us to support ourselves or…are they trying to subjugate us until we are illiterate and cannot spell our own name?

Governor Pat McCrory appears to not care whether his citizens have health insurance. Nor, does it seem that he would care if our children die from lack of health insurance or starve in our streets.

Thousands will be denied their right to vote in the next elections. We have allowed our rights to confiscated. The Republican wing of the Tea Bag party wants to return to a simpler time, the Dark Ages.

Will we allow our rights to be chopped away due to a “lack of nerves?” Our historic and heroic ancestors would not allow their lives to be governed by George III and pay taxes to his greedy list of royals who received the bounty of our taxes.

The Piedmont was known as the back-water country in the 1700s. The coastal society considered the German peasants and the Scots-Irish too crude, too dirty, too lazy and worthless to live among polite society. They sent our forefathers into the frontier to fight the Cherokee and tame the primal forests.

There are many families in Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Lincolnton to the port of Wilmington blessed with the proud names of these rugged, independent ancestors. Our forefathers were uneducated peasants who could make a life from rock soup and slept in lean-to’s and log cabins. They not only survived, but turned the Revolutionary War in the favor of the Colonies by defeating Major Patrick Ferguson at the Battle of Kings Mountain.

I am not. I am not proposing revolution. I am proposing that in the spirit of our ancestors that we protest every day of the week. Laymen, elders, religious leaders, and our youth must stand together against the loss of our rights. Petitions, sit-ins, letters to the editor and moral Mondays are our weapons. Those who can still vote…must vote against Republican Tea Party domination. No effort to oppose the Governor and his legislature is too small. We must demand a fair and equal government. We must stand against those who hope to take America back to an earlier period when the old and the young worked twelve to fifteen hours a day, seven days a week.

Republican Governor McCrory, in his nine months in office, has systematically taken away our rights and if we let him continue without a loud hue and cry…we will skid into darkness.

* Source: The Woman’s Encyclopedia by Barbara G. Walker, 1983

Christianity & Socialism

I am a very unlikely person to post the article below. As a child, I knelt on my knees each night before bedtime and my father led us in saying, “The Lord’s Prayer.” It is a habit, I have not broken. It is a memory I have always carried along life’s way. Still, it is rare that I ever desire to attend a protestant church. You could not drag me into a Catholic church or Baptist. They seriously do not like women.

I pray every day and I know they are heard, but church and religion are not part of my spirituality.

Still, in recent months I have seen so-called Christians lie, call others who are different names, and try to cloak themselves and other in a state of fear. Lately, Christians and their leaders haven’t been acting like they have good sense. But, this article in the Huffington Post caught my attention and reminded me of how Christians are supposed to be, a lot like socialists.

(RNS) John Dominic Crossan is arguably the world’s foremost scholar of the historical Jesus. Twenty-five years ago, Crossan co-founded the Jesus Seminar with Robert Funk, a group of mostly liberal scholars who decide on the historicity of the deeds and sayings of Jesus.

A former Roman Catholic priest and professor emeritus of religious studies at DePaul University, Crossan newest book — his 26th — looks at the Lord’s Prayer, or the Our Father. In The Greatest Prayer, Crossan argues that Christianity’s best-known invocation is misunderstood and undervalued in today’s society.

Some answers have been edited for length and clarity.

Q: You call the Lord’s Prayer Christianity’s “greatest prayer,” but also say it can be prayed by followers of all religions. Why would non-Christians recite it?

A: Any religion’s greatest prayers should be addressed to the whole world. If a prayer only speaks to you, that’s fine. But I would like to hear you speaking to all of us. The Lord’s Prayer is the greatest because it comes from the heart of Judaism and the lips of Christianity — but speaks to the conscience of the world.

Q: You also call it Christianity’s “strangest” prayer.

A: Ask a Christian what’s the most important things about Christianity, and see if you find those in the Lord’s Prayer. When Christians emphasize what’s most important for them, it’s usually not in the Lord’s Prayer, and they almost never mention that “give us this day our daily bread” means exactly that — that everyone has a right to the material basis of life. It’s “strange” in that there’s a huge discrepancy between what most people think Christianity is really about and what Jesus thinks Christianity is really about.

Q: The Lord’s Prayer addresses God as “Father.” Is that a turn-off for women?

A: It is, and they’re going to have to learn, as we all have to, what is meant by people who use a different culture than our own. Sheep and shepherds don’t do much for me, but I will allow ancient people the validity of their language.

When they say “Father,” I ask what that meant in the Mediterranean world, and it means “householder.” I accept the traditional term of “Father,” but I do not accept the patriarchal presuppositions. I say “Father” (but) I read “householder.” The most important point is that you understand what this metaphor stands for.

Q: Scholars have shown the Lord’s Prayer to come straight from the Jewish tradition. How did it become Christianity’s best-known prayer?

A: It is utterly, totally, fully Jewish. There’s nothing in there that’s particularly “Christian.” Do I think Jesus drilled his followers to learn the prayer as we have it in (the Gospels of) Matthew or Luke? I don’t think so, because I can’t find it in (the writings of) Paul. What I do find in Paul and (the Gospel of) Mark is the key word: “Abba” — the metaphor for God as householder. If you unpack that, everything else simply flows from it.

Q: What new light does all this shed on the historical Jesus?

A: If you had to summarize the historical Jesus, we are now down to a single word, almost an ecstatic proclamation: God is “Abba.” And God as householder is the way the ancient Jews and earliest Christians got their idea of how things should be run. They all knew what a well-run
household looked like, and they made God the Big Householder in the Sky. What appalled them was not poverty or riches, but the discrepancy between them, the inequality.

I don’t think the Bible would worry if everyone was poor or if everyone was rich. What appalls the Bible is, how could you have a household with some (members) getting far more than others, and others getting far less than they need?

Given America’s current climate, why hasn’t anyone said the Lord’s Prayer is a socialist prayer and we shouldn’t recite it?

A: I don’t think there’s much in the Our Father that isn’t in the Pledge of Allegiance, where we pledge ourselves to liberty and justice for all. If liberty and justice for all is not communism or socialism or liberalism, then the Bible is saying really not much more.

How to scare white people…

I read this on today and thought the author, Elon James White wrote a humorous and correct essay. I believe that the word, socialism is a substitute word for prejudice. If you went to public schools, you participated in a socialistic program. Obama is not socialism…He has accomplished a lot since the dark days of Bush II. Americans can own all the guns they want, thanks to Obama. They can also carry guns into Starbucks and church. There is no reason for the National Rifle Association to be unhappy. Do you have your uzi, yet? Also, I see no reason a minimum wage worker should pay the same amount of taxes as rich people and corporations. I agree with White…there is evil afoot in this nation.

Here is a sample of what Elon James White wrote. Enjoy.

Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and the other right-wing fear-mongers know what subject riles up the masses: Race.

When asked, “Where do you fall along the political spectrum,” I often answer, “I consider myself ‘anti-evil.'” When I see malicious attempts at hurting people I will often side with not hurting people. It’s weird, I know. I think stopping insurance companies from bankrupting families and denying healthcare is a good idea. I think maybe we shouldn’t racially profile Hispanics in order to deal with our immigration issue. Apparently this makes me a crazy socialist Nazi to some, but to me, I’m on the side of Right and Goodness.

I will continue fighting for what seems like obvious ways of helping: squashing stereotypes, speaking up against injustice, and, on occasion (read: all the time), irreverent mocking. If this was all playing out like some big-budget blockbuster movie my superpower would be sarcasm sprinkled with awesome snark. That’s how I cut down the forces that would rather marginalize my experiences and label me “caught up in race.” I will throw on my superhero hat, tilt it to the side, and happily tell someone to go fuck themselves for the betterment of society.

Making fun of evil is a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it, right?

How seriously can a person take the Tea Party? Their members have called me a Nazi Brownshirt because I am a liberal. Sharon Angle wants to rescind my social security and yours too. Boehner wants a forty-five, fifty, sixty-year olds to work until they are 70, while he plays golf and stays tanned. In truth Social Security is not in trouble. Especially if the US Government would repay all the loans they have taken out of Social Security finances. Another Republican wants to change the 14th amendment.

Both political parties are selling out to rich Corporations and their demanding rich shareholders. Fox News which obviously is short on researchers spreads lies across the world like a super-virus along with bloggers who have no conscience or merits. The Tea Party has become a spreading plague. It is time to fight evil and I commend Mr. White’s for his efforts. We need to stop being fearful and look at the truths.

Listen up, Tea Baggers, you are falling for a giant propaganda movement and you could turn out looking like a follower of the once powerful Senator McCaurthy. Rush, Newt, and other Repubs are the children of Lee Atwater. These people cannot play nice.

Unleash the Christians…

It seems that evangelist Franklin Graham may be uninvited to attend Prayer Day, May 6, 2010. The Pentagon has no idea of the wrath they will incur for not allowing Billy Graham’s son to attend America’s National Prayer Day. I am not a fan of Franklin Graham. But even I take offense that he is not invited to National Prayer Day.

If you grew up in the South in the 1950s and 1960s, Billy Graham was the way to heaven. I was just as irreverent then as I am now, but each time Billy Graham came to his hometown, Charlotte, NC, to hold week-long preaching services…my parents either took or sent me with the hope that Billy Graham, a diary farmer’s son, would save my soul. When I was a teenager with a driver’s license, when Billy called for sinners to come to the front. I left my balcony seat and followed the crowd as they marched into the auditorium. Before we reached the entrance, I went to my car.

Franklin Graham was once the black sheep in the family, but like all prodigal sons, he returned to the fold. Once back in the family, he took over the family’s religious operations by unseating his sister in a first-son coupe.

Franklin has a flair for showmanship, like that of Papa Joe Jackson of the singing Jackson Family. Franklin built a barn with a mooing mechanical cow to honor his father’s youth spent on a farm. His parents are buried behind the barn. His mother never wanted to be buried there, she preferred the mountains. In the end, she changed her mind. For a nominal fee the red-barn and mechical mooing cow are open to the public. It is a Christian tourist destination. However, Graham also does a lot of good in this world. His Christmas shoeboxes have brought gifts to children in many countries.

This is what I do not understand. It seems that after 9/11 Franklin Graham said some bad things about the Muslim religion. Nothing worse than has been said by others horrified by a religion that condones the beating and killing of women and children. When a muslim girl is raped; she is often killed by her family to avoid bringing shame on the family.

Obviously, the Pentagon and the Colorado-based National Day of Prayer Task Force are handling this situation the way they fight wars. This is not good. I guess the generals think Franklin Graham being from the South, is too dumb to know how to say a prayer that will not offend other religions.

I believe that are many ways to the top of the mountain. I believe the Eternal answers to many names. If the Colorado-based National Day of Prayer Task Force does recind Franklin Graham’s invitation, they should just cancel the Day of Prayer. It is hard these days to find a religion without blood on their hands.

Supreme Court says…

In January, the United States Supreme Court decreed that it was legal for corporations, banks, and billionaires to bribe our political leaders. There goes the importance of truth in advertising and political campaigns, but truthfully that boat has sailed. Our elected officials, local and nationally, have long been on the payroll of lobbyists and foreign corporations.

Most recently, in the name of free speech, the United States Supreme Court in all its wisdom proclaimed that videos of animal cruelty were legal. That means that not only is it all right to harm and maim your dog…you can film it for the next family reunion and sell copies.

The Supreme Court has legalized violence against animals. Animals lost their rights this week. We lost control of our political system with their earlier decision that legalized corporate bribery. What is next?

What we have here is a backward Supreme Court that is turning its back on the American citizens. The next ruling could be that “promiscuous women cause earthquakes.”

The Pope Makes Excuses…

I truly believe that any church that turned its back on 200 deaf-mute children has sacrificed its rights to exist ungoverned. If these men answer only to God, let them hit the road with a staff and see how life is lived. Before you disagree with me…look into the innocent eyes of a child knowing his cannot speak. Was there not one priest who cared enough to save them?

I am biased. I was raised a Protestant. My Carolina back country ancestors were Presbyterians, Methodists, and Lutherans. So you understand why within my heart, I do not need anointed priests to speak with God. Centuries ago, we came to America to worship freely. I am biased because one generation of our family included several relatives who could not hear.

Recently, at CNN, I read an article that reported that there is a bill in the Connecticut legislature that would remove the statute of limitations on child sexual abuse cases. In response to this legislature, the state’s three Roman Catholic Bishops released a letter to parishioners asking them to oppose the measure.

This letter crosses the bounds of separation of church and state, plus the bounds of decency. Writing and mailing such a letter to a congregation is an act of unmitigated gall by the Roman Catholic Church.

According to CNN the letter is posted on the Web site of the Connecticut Catholic Public Affairs Conference, the public policy and advocacy office of the state’s Roman Catholic Bishops. Below are excerpts from the article:

A bill in Connecticut’s legislature that would remove the statute of limitations on child sexual abuse cases has sparked a fervent response from the state’s Roman Catholic bishops, who released a letter to parishioners Saturday imploring them to oppose the measure.

Under current Connecticut law, sexual abuse victims have 30 years past their 18th birthday to file a lawsuit. The proposed change to the law would rescind that statute of limitations.
The proposed change to the law would put “all Church institutions, including your parish, at risk,” says the letter, which was signed by Connecticut’s three Roman Catholic bishops.

The bill has been revised to address some of the church’s concerns about frivolous abuse claims against it, according to Connecticut state Rep. Beth Bye, one of the bill’s sponsors.
“The church didn’t recognize that this bill makes improvements,” Bye said. “The victims — their lives have been changed and some will never recover from years of sexual abuse. For me, it’s about giving them access to the courts.”

Under the bill’s provisions, anyone older than 48 who makes a sex abuse claim against the church would need to join an existing claim filed by someone 48 or younger. Older claimants would need to show substantial proof that they were abused.

“They were worried about frivolous lawsuits and so we made the bar high,” Bye said.

The Roman Catholic Church is accused of dire and dreadful offenses, criminal offenses. The Pope and the Roman Catholic Church leaders are a symbol of the hypocrisy in our culture and our times. If ever I was caught in a misdeed, my parents taught me to stand accountable. These selfish old men should do the same.

On another note, an article at the reports that the Vatican was created by Mussolini.

There was a time when the church was a sanctuary for all not just holy adorned men in ruffled petticoats. The bishops in Connection seem to fear holding the Catholic Church up to scrutiny.

Watching the Catholic Church go through the throes of denial is like watching a tennis match as the Pontiff’s bishops and boys in velvet point fingers in many directions … determined never to admit the “dark uglies” within the Catholic Church. First they pointed their fingers at the New York Times, when that didn’t take, from the pulpit they called the victims to task and declared the church’s freedom from criminal courts.

When the church or any religion begins to lie and to cover up atrocities, society follows suit. Lies are now part of our culture. Our media knows no laws and limits, each day they print their version of the truth. Listening and watching to the media reminds me of the proverbial elephant that is always being felt up and described by five blind men. Lying makes everything easier and besides, the church forgives, if a politician’s mouth is open they are lying about something. Hypocrisy. Everybody’s doing it. And now, there is meanness in the streets. Bullies rule.

Obama Did It

While eating a tuna roll, I sat in my astronaut chair and watched in dismay and delight as the honorable Governor Mark Sanford confessed to adultery. While I was watching the governor, I realized that I didn’t see what he saw. I saw a Momma’s boy caught with his hands in a red-hot pepper jar/pot. And he was crying for mother.

When a man enters the Appalachian Trail and ends up in Argentina, there is something going on.

Sir, it is shameful what you did and oh, how, amortized it, sold-short, and complicated this human drama. It is proper to cry, it is expected. But there is a point when crying like praying should be done in a closet … or with friends in a smoky bar. I will follow every move, but please stop crying. Governor Mark Sanford’s performance is as shameful as his acts.

This display of tears shames the weeping that ever poured forth from mythical Southern Belles. No one should carry on like this … look at Trump, Donald Trump; he wears his bankruptcy breast fetish with aplomb, glamour, and style. He is a celebrity, a wealthy man, but do we know?

Are you crying because you didn’t have time to begin a petition of adultery against another before you were caught? Is your wife ill? Were you saved in a tent in Argentina? Is a cartel or two after you? You certainly seem to have a problem with “unrequited love.” Why are you standing there? Why didn’t you mail in your resignation and move to South America or vice versa?

This display of emotions was ripped from a bad script for adulterers. It is thus when the society page and the “weeping sisters,” storm into the headlines pushing revolution and human suffering off the front page. Assume there will be weeping and repentance.”

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How Quickly We Have Come to Accept Female Casualities in War

On Sept. 8, 2006, Army Reserve Sgt. 1st Class Merideth Howard was killed while on duty in Afghanistan. She had been assigned to the 364th Civil Affairs Brigade which was tasked with rebuilding roads and water systems.

Sgt. Howard was killed when a car bomb exploded near a military Humvee in which she was riding. She was 52 years old, which makes her the oldest female casuality of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

When she traveled with her unit, Sgt. Howard manned an M-240 machine gun. Yet, the Army consistently tells the American public that women are only positioned in areas of safety, and not exposed to battle.

She was a fearless United States soldier in a country where women are treated like chattel. Sgt. Howard served as a liaison between the Afghan people and the military. She once assisted in an Army film production about the military and the Afghan people. In the film, she is seen handing out candy to children.

Recently there was an article in the paper on women who have been killed while on duty in Afghanistan and Iraq. I’m still haunted by their smiling faces in the photos that accompanied the article.

It is surprising how easily Americans have come to accept the fact of women dying in service. It wasn’t too long ago that conventional wisdom said Americans would never accept it if the military put their daughters in the line of fire.

Unlike World War II, we seem to not be overtly concerned about the dangers our soldiers face in these terrorist wars. Our soldiers are not well prepared or protected. They are given partial body armor; they ride in tanks that are only partially plated; they freeze in the winter and expire from the heat in the summer. Their world is riddled with danger where everyone they encounter is a potential enemy.

Meanwhile, President Bush has told us to go shopping.

What compounds these losses is the ripple affect each one has into the circles of their families — children, parents and spouses. That and the waste of human potential. Among the more than 2500 dead were future firemen, teachers, economists, ecologists, leaders, philosophers, preachers, heroes, fathers, brothers, sisters, and mothers. Each death robs America of possibilities. A voice is silenced at picnics, dinner tables and prayer.

Of course, America cares. We all care, but this brutal war is beyond our understanding. We grieve, but no one is listening. Those who lift a voice calling for a change are called unpatriotic and worse. In silence, we read the statistics, we see their young faces, read the death counts, and we turn away in sorrow and frustration.

We must defeat terrorism. We must fight. And we must lift our voices in sorrow each time a soldier is mortally wounded. America must demand that our military provide substantial military protection for all soldiers.

Our current approach to war is not working. The Taliban has returned to Afghanistan. Terrorists are flocking to Iraq.

It is time to seek another way. When a strategy is not working, it must be replaced with a better plan, another approach. Still, Washington will not vary from this outdated policy. They are not listening.

Should we negotiate with terrorists? Should we insist on the laws of America be up held? Why waste our time? We have seen what they do to each other, men, women, and children. They burn down schools that teach women to read. They kill each other as they worship. They behead all. They will attack us to kill and maim each American citizen. We must take action.

If we send our daughters and sons off to an ill-planned war without proper protection are we not emboldening the enemy? In a more subtle way are we encouraging child molesters and rampages by the criminally insane at our schools? Do we turn our backs when people of power abuse children?

Are we good parents? Why is our younger generation so chaotic? If we do not value their lives, will they value their lives…or ours? Whether it is a daughter or a son, it is too much to sacrifice to a war going in the wrong direction.

Sgt. Meredith Howard leaves behind a new husband. They married just before she was shipped to Iraq. She will no longer stand beside him. He will no more experience the joy of her company.

He owns a fireworks company, and told the Los Angeles Times that, at his late wife’s request, her ashes will be mixed into rockets that he will explode over the ocean.

The New Pandemic: Outrage Fatigue

Are you tired?

I have outrage fatigue. No one is listening to 49 percent of us because the rightwing has turned the word “liberal” into an epithet almost as bad as “Nazi.”

In fact, liberals are honest Americans who question the truth behind the headlines. We have become the only voice left for the middle class. No liberal I know berates America or is bent on giving away our social security system, or surrendering to terrorists. And yet that is what the president accuses us of every day on the campaign trail.

I am emotionally spent from wondering, where is the outrage? Where are our American heroes?

I just want it better. I want a middle ground, an open discussion and a change of course. I am tired of looking for an honest politician.

I am tired of whining.

Tired of reading snippets of the horrid truth about the Iraq War. Two billion dollars a week spent on a war we are not winning. Think of what we could do for America with that money. It could be spent on our securing ports and airports, on building schools and highways, repairing bridges and tunnels. It would buy health insurance for every American. It would feed the hungry.

I am so tired of Bush and his gang ignoring evidence and feeding the American public only partial truths. I am tired of photos of our angry president on the front page, tired of his hollow swagger on the public stage, tired of 51 percent of Americans believing what he says.

I am exhausted by the damage he and his cronies have done to America in the eyes of the world. Even our allies are worn out from the the Bush team’s pretense that America is on the right track in our war against terrorism.

Terrorists hated us before 9/11, but they are growing in numbers due to our global policy. I am so tired of opinion that President Bush’s way is God’s way.

I am proud to say that I grew up Christian and I was taught that true Christians do not seek war, nor do they call other Christians who asks questions ugly names. And I was taught that when a neighbor casts a vote in an election that is not the same as mine…well, that is the American way and my neighbors are not my enemy.

I am so tired of fearful politicians who are afraid to stand up for America. I am tired and exhausted that the American media does not present fair reporting. Corporate media has let us down. They do not give us an honest two sided presentation of news. They have all turned their back on logic, good sense, and fair mindedness.
Like many other Americans, I fear we will be attacked again by terrorists. But I know that we are not going in the right direction to prevent such attacks. I am so tired that I have turned my back on news programs. I am tired of the nightmares. I will just wait hoping that America can celebrate another birthday without tragedy. If they do strike, I will just do what I can. I pray for the American spirit to survive.

However, I am never too tired to vote. I will have the strength to vote against lies and half truths.

I am so tired, yet the terrorists are only becoming stronger. They have the courage to call our President the Devil while the audience claps. Then, our enemies argue over whether of not that was an insult to the Devil. I am exhausted from it all.