Propaganda and its Results

This is the third day of our government shutdown. We are waiting for the ingrates, the privileged wing of the Republican Tea Bagger Party to quit throwing temper tantrums. Instead the Republican Nut-bars have tried to put the blame on everyone, even tried to “Put the blame on Mame. Their audacity is second to none. These Dementers spray manure on everything that is not like “them.”

Every day the news is the same or worse. It consumes our media, warning of all that could happen if the Tea Baggers get their way. It consumes their lives and every waking moment – just hope it doesn’t soon devour life as we know it.

It feels like the TBs are demanding we follow them back into the dark ages of religion fundamentalism. They demand we adhere to the St. James Bible, the same bible Jesus carried during his ministry in Jerusalem. Women are evil and according to Hobby House the Jews killed Christ. This new Christian fundamentalism demands that we learn to hate others who are unlike them.

Part of this nation has been brain-washed by Fox Fantasy News and The TBs. Since the first days of George W. Bush’s tenure as president, this pseudo news station and the TBs led by Karl Rove have spread fear, lies, and hatred against President Obama and anyone who supports him.

Fox viewers are hampered by horse blinders… narrow vision. Many are old white people who see a threat lurking in every shadow in this, our changing world. I wouldn’t be surprised if the TBs and Fox News were flashing subliminal messages on television screens to keep their fans and constituents cleaving their guns to their chests. Karl Rove and FFN have practiced brainwashing on a level that the Manchurian Candidate and the Communist Party would respect.

Now, the TB Party has America in its grips. And as each day goes by, they are squeezing the life out of America.

The United States of America is being held captive by Republican hypocrites…it feels like the House of Representatives is pregnant with the Devil’s child – and we’re being held hostage in the hospital – to witness the birth.

Apologies to Jon, I stole his line. He knows which one. Thank you to the book, “Harry Potter,” for creating the Dementers. J-

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