The Man from Belmont

I am a political junkie. It has caused me stress and disgust. So, now I meditate before i turn the TV news on and I never check the news during the day. life is better. However, I do keep one television on MSNBC…just in case of an addiction attack. I was passing through the living room yesterday and Al Sharpton was on television. I just cannot take Al Sharpton as a commentator knowing his past. But he has a nice intelligent newsman who works with him.

Yesterday, this reporter was reporting from Belmont, N.C. I turned to look to see who the white bigoted southerner spitting out stupidity was. This man runs a consignment shop in Belmont said that he knew for certain that Obama had entertained 1000 Muslims on the east lawn of the White House. There is no east lawn on White House grounds.

I was mortified at the way this man spoke of our president as being a traitor, a Muslim, and his favorite: born in Kenya. Any human being who listens to news other than Fox and has an IQ above 60 knows these are lies.
The white middle class and others are threatened because he never evolved beyond the separation of black and white races. Blacks have to be dumber and worse off than they are…this keeps his world safe and the uppity blacks in their place. I actually heard a friend from the south refer to Michelle Obama as uppity. I wanted to ask them if they meant to say that out loud, but it was not worth it. I cannot change another’s mind, no one can.

This Man from Belmont is not Godly. I would bet he is at his all white church every time the door opens, yet his words and actions surely embarrass Jesus and real Christians.

The odd thing is…I was home for Christmas last year and I bought a beautiful Christmas wreath from the Man of Belmont.. I remembered him because he was so friendly and he was the man on television. He was completely different then…I was white, my daughter was white and we were celebrating Christmas. he was very hospitable to my kind, but after seeing how really mean and bigoted he is…..I will not support his store and he and his clientele won’t even notice.
But I will know.

What has scared white southerners into this rabid frenzy of hate? They are led like sheep by clever fools. I fear for the south because the old white men’s club is threatened by a black president. Afterall, they fought the Civil War to keep slaves.

Here’s to the many southerners I know who are not of this ilk. I would bet that they are many. It is always the loud and the few who cause the problem. Mr. Belmont, that was truly embarrassing. I am sorry you will never understand what I am saying.

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