Supreme Court says…

In January, the United States Supreme Court decreed that it was legal for corporations, banks, and billionaires to bribe our political leaders. There goes the importance of truth in advertising and political campaigns, but truthfully that boat has sailed. Our elected officials, local and nationally, have long been on the payroll of lobbyists and foreign corporations.

Most recently, in the name of free speech, the United States Supreme Court in all its wisdom proclaimed that videos of animal cruelty were legal. That means that not only is it all right to harm and maim your dog…you can film it for the next family reunion and sell copies.

The Supreme Court has legalized violence against animals. Animals lost their rights this week. We lost control of our political system with their earlier decision that legalized corporate bribery. What is next?

What we have here is a backward Supreme Court that is turning its back on the American citizens. The next ruling could be that “promiscuous women cause earthquakes.”

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